Translation Services for Families: What, When & How

Translation can impact our lives in so many ways. Whether you're moving to a different country or applying for a temporary visa to travel, having your documents in place is always important. Family documents are one of the primary requirements you need when you're in the process of applying for citizenship in a foreign country. As such, most of these files are subject to certified translation for immigration application purposes.

That is why professional translation services are crucial for most families who are or have immigrated to another country. Having all the relevant family documents translated can significantly smoothen your application process.

Read further to learn more about what exactly a family translation is about, when you need them, and how you can get them:

What is Translation Services for Families?

Family translation services are most often essential when families relocate to another country. You may need all your certificates and documents translated into the language of the country you're moving to.

Immigrants and intercultural families are the most common types of families that most often need certified document translation services. This is because immigration authorities only accept documents that have certified translation.

As such, you have to hire a translator who has an established experience in translating family documents. You have to make sure that the translation is accurate and is according to the requirements.

Here are the most commonly translated family documents:

  • Passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Marriage certificate

  • Divorce certificate

  • Medical records

  • Academic records, including degree certificates or diploma

  • Drivers license

  • Any existing police record

  • Foreign language documents (for USCIS)

When Do You Need Translation Services for Families?

When you're traveling overseas, having your documents along is an inevitable worry. Staying in a foreign country and having your documents untranslated loses its purpose, as it almost has no use. Having your documents translated and certified or notarized is essential when you're traveling or immigrating.