In-Depth Guide To Buying A Translation Service

Throughout the years, translation services have been persistently high in demand within international businesses, government agencies, and institutions. These services act as bridges, offering translingual writing, skillfully translating texts to fit the community they want to reach, and considering all possible cultural and translingual factors in the text.

Although many language service providers (LSP) are waiting to offer translation or linguistic services, choosing a professional and reliable language company may not be easy. Spotting the right company with top-notch services requires a practiced eye. Here's a comprehensive guide to buying a translation service:

1. What Language(s) do you Want to Translate to?

Not all LSPs offer a wide range of languages. Hence, make sure to visit their website and check if your desired language is available. Most certified translation companies can translate to thousands of languages and dialects used worldwide. The more languages a particular translation company offers, the better.

2. Determine the Type of Translation Service you Need

While the world of translation is exceptionally diverse, not all companies offer all types of translation services. Thus, make sure you know exactly what kind of translation service you need and see if the company has it. This will help narrow down your list of possible options because these services can sometimes be specialized in a particular industry. Some of the most common translation services they usually provide include:

  • Certified Document translation

  • Medical translations

  • Military translation

  • Automotive translation

  • Financial and legal translation

  • Business translation

  • Technical translations

  • Software translation & localization

  • Website translation & localization

  • Multimedia translation

  • Interpretation services

3. Do a Background Check

Research is essential when determining whether you should trust a particular professional language service provider for your translation needs. Do a quick background check and online research:

  • Do they have expertise in different areas?

  • Who have they previously done work with?

  • What do customers say about their work?

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Do they use human trans