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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone. I'm excited about writing my first post. It won't be my last one if I have anything to say about it! This blog, along with the site itself, is a milestone on the long journey I have taken to get here, and that will continue indefinitely.

Just as you have been studying English, so too have I been learning to teach it. I started 30 years ago in Costa Rica where I was helping the English teacher at the local school with eager students. I saw the potential for helping people, for giving them hope and opportunities, for changing their lives. (This may send corny, but it's true).

So I decided then and there to study teaching English as a second language, and I was hooked. I had students from all over the world, with different reasons for learning English, and different skills to contribute to the class. There was never a dull moment; there was always something for students to improve on, and this made for an enriching experience. Finally, it was destiny that brought me to Chile, where I have taught ever since.

Out of all of the settings I have taught in: small groups, large groups, children, and one-on-one (individual) students, I like one-on-one the best. I like giving all of my attention to one person and seeing how they progress as a direct result of my lessons. Though working for institutes was a good way to learn the ropes of teaching, I made the decision to work on my own several years ago so I could run the lesson my way, and get the student's input on how they want to learn.

After venturing to study German online, I quickly realized the power and ease of teaching via Skype. Not only do I get to teach people from other countries who speak languages besides Spanish, I don't have to spend any time or money traveling to people's homes or companies. I can also send materials and homework instantly without having to resort to the photocopier or computer printer. Imagine that!

What about you? When did you start learning English? At school? At work? Did you teach yourself through YouTube videos? Do you want to continue learning, or you are you happy with what you already know? Of course, there is always something new to learn. So we share a common desire: a journey we take to learn, to work, and ultimately to become a better person.

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