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Did you know? Strange laws from Latin America

Some laws are obvious. Just about everywhere you go, there are laws against speeding or shoplifting, laws regulating the purchase and consumption of alcohol and zoning laws that dictate what kind of building you can construct where. But what about laws that don't make any sense? Some are outdated and others are cultural. Can you think of any? Here are seven for your enjoyment.

1. In Mexico, all males must wear trousers, and such groups of employees as hack drivers and newspaper delivery boys must adopt uniforms.

2. Back in the '80s, it was illegal to jog or exercise in Panama if you were wearing a white t-shirt and beige trunks. Why? Manuel Noriega was a ruthless leader and wanted to imprison as many U.S. soldiers as possible, and soldiers wore white t-shirts and beige trunks when jogging.

3. In Peru, sexual relations with a llama or alpaca is illegal. Unmarried young men are even prohibited from having a female llama or alpaca live in their homes!

4. In Colombia you can buy a knife freely in many shops and markets but it is illegal to carry one with you – so how do you get it home?

5. In Argentina DJs are required to play a certain number of tango records in relation to other types of music.

6. In Ecuador a woman can dance naked in public - as long as her belly button is covered.

7. In Bolivia it is illegal to have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.

Please comment if these laws are accurate or if you can share more with us.

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