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I offer you personalized, one-on-one lessons. Start now, and take the free trial lesson where I will evaluate your speaking abilities, and I will also send you a written test to place you at the proper level.


Conversation based on topics and written summary of your mistakes and progress after every lesson.


Great for practicing fluency and discussing topics that are interesting to you.     45 min./60 min.


Learn the terms and phrases you need for success. 

  • Write your resume and LinkedIn profile in English.

  • Practice conference calls.

  • Write and practice presentations with me so they will be perfect in meetings.     45 min./60 min.


Say things right, right away. Learn through written exercises and interactive activities.

So add a pack of 10 to your regular course and make a big difference in your English.     45 min./60 min.

Language Club

For a limited time, you can join the Language Club (beta) free and learn English, French, German and Spanish in exchange for conversation in the language your partner wants to learn.

Let's say your native language is English and you want to learn Spanish. I will pair you with a Spanish speaker who wants to learn English; you will teach them English and they will teach you Spanish.

Choose the communication medium: Email, Skype, WhatsApp, or a combination!

Each member is interviewed by me personally, and their time zone and preferences are recorded.

Once I receive your message, I will contact you within 48 hours to set you up.

Sign up below while it's still free!

Thanks! Message sent.

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