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Be Successful at your Job!

Dear Business English Learner,


If you speak English with foreign colleagues and customers, if you have meetings or conference calls with them, you need to speak English well.

The problem is that learners wait too late to get the practice they need. Additionally, they:

DON'T know how to practice their speaking and writing

-DON'T feel comfortable speaking with and being around native speakers of English

This means that they cannot advance in their job. Why would their company send them to the US or the UK if they can send someone who already speaks English well?

  • I have had so many students tell me how hard it is for them to speak English to foreigners. They often realize this when it is too late. They have already lost an opportunity.

  • You may have tried to improve your English on your own by watching movies or reading books. While these are excellent ways of passive learning, if you want to learn to speak well, you need an experienced teacher to help you step by step.

That is why I want to help you




 If you click the button below and enter your details, I will meet with you online (via Skype) for 20 minutes and give you:

-Feedback on your speaking so you know your current level of English

-My best study tips so you can learn to speak and write English better

-A plan for you to move forward and speak and write English at work with confidence

The lesson is completely FREE and you are under no obligation to continue learning with me.

So don't waste any more time and request a lesson today. Please let me know what time you prefer.

But hurry. I won't be offering free lessons for much longer.

Sign up for my newsletter and download a copy of my free e-book "Open for Business" to improve your English.

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