English lives outside the classroom

Although the traditional classroom is an excellent place for a student to learn English, it should not be the only place. If you did not learn English as a young child, or you have not lived in an English-speaking country, then one way to master the language is in the classroom.* This is how I began my journey with Spanish-in the classroom with a native speaker for a teacher. But, my experience with Spanish changed completely when I went to Costa Rica as a teenager. In this video, I give you an example of an Eureka moment when I realized I could actually use English with native speakers in a country where Spanish is spoken. How about you? When did you realize you could actually speak English

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone. I'm excited about writing my first post. It won't be my last one if I have anything to say about it! This blog, along with the site itself, is a milestone on the long journey I have taken to get here, and that will continue indefinitely. Just as you have been studying English, so too have I been learning to teach it. I started 30 years ago in Costa Rica where I was helping the English teacher at the local school with eager students. I saw the potential for helping people, for giving them hope and opportunities, for changing their lives. (This may send corny, but it's true). So I decided then and there to study teaching English as a second language, and I was hooked. I had stu

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